Sound Vista Storytellers Bring Plays to Life

From left, Sound Vista Village residents Kathleen McGilliard, Barb Krause, Maria Scott, Mickey Donnan and Ester Fisk perform a reading of “The Brazilian Cat’ By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Saturday at Sound Vista Village.
The sleek, 11-foot long, ebony-black Brazilian Cat was the focus of attention Saturday afternoon at the Sound Vista Village. According to Everard King, the Brazilian Cat is “one of the most treacherous and bloodthirsty creatures on earth.” He explained, “They prefer humans to game.”

King was the malevolent character in the play, “The Brazilian Cat,” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1922. The Sound Vista Storytellers so effectively interpreted the play that the audience was horrified when they learned that Everard trapped his niece, Lucinda, in the same room with the hungry Brazilian Cat. Could Lucinda possibly be saved, they wondered?

The audience was mesmerized as the storytellers spun the tale. Under the guidance of their teacher and coach, Kathy McGilliard, the five actors successfully narrated the piece and personified the characters. The actors, ranging in age from 72 to 92 years old, were King, McGilliard, Ester Fisk, Barb Krause, Mickey Donnan and Maria Scott.

McGilliard, herself an actress, has been directing drama groups and promoting performances in the arts in the Gig Harbor area for more than 40 years.  With enthusiasm and energy, Mcgilliard gently guides her novice actors during the many rehearsals before each performance. “It pleases me to stimulate the residents,” said Mcgilliard following the well-received performance.

The Sound Vista Storytellers begin rehearsals immediately for the next performance, “The Christmas Carol.” The public is invited to attend. Contact Sound Vista Village at 253-851-9929 for the performance date and time.

Woodland Village Launches “Village Concepts University”

Excitement is in the air! Village Concepts at Woodland Village believes the thrill of learning should never be limited by age or ability and that learning new things together and discovering the world beyond our borders brings a broadened understanding of our world and our place in it. Because of our shared philosophy of life-long learning, Sharon Ripp, Program Coordinator, is launching Village Concepts University (VCU) a program first conceptualized by Tracy Willis, Community Development Director for Village Concepts. Integrating university-style classes that educate, inspire and engage our residents of Woodland Village with classes in art, music, history, English literature, agriculture, science technology and spiritual and religious studies that will keep our seniors mentally and physically engaged as we strive to……Bringing retirement to life at Woodland Village!