We continue to thank everyone for the support and generosity you’ve shown our communities over the last several weeks. We continue to evaluate our procedures and watch for new guidelines from DSHS and the Department of Health to fight the virus.

There seems to be more evidence that this virus can be transmitted through the air and that someone who is not showing symptoms can transmit the disease before they are aware they have been infected. With this in mind we have required all staff be masked while in the building to help prevent them from potentially transmitting any unknown virus to the residents.

Like everyone, we are short on N95 masks and surgical masks. We are taking steps to help preserve our stock and we have also been scouring all resources for the additional supply we need. We were able to order approximately 3500 masks for delivery next week, but we just received notice that at least half of this order has been diverted to the government for use. So, it’s an uphill battle.

If you can help by making masks for our communities, we would greatly appreciate it. There are several online tutorials and the masks can be dropped off outside our main entrance and will be laundered before use.

Our staff in the buildings are very busy providing care, extra cleaning and additional duties to keep everyone safe. We appreciate your assistance in staying home and limiting contact as much as possible. We ask that you limit any drop off and pick up items to essential items only. We are also working to find ways to limit the amount of contacts throughout the building, which involves some creativity and cooperation on everyone’s part.

There are over 100 long term care communities in Washington with confirmed COVID virus cases. Washington State’s confirmed case numbers are expected to peak in eight days on April 11th. We currently do not have any residents showing signs and symptoms, but we do have one resident in our Issaquah community that has tested positive. We of course are working closely with the Department of Health and DSHS and taking further precautions at this building to avoid transmission as much as possible.

If you need assistance reaching out to your loved one virtually, we will attempt to assist as staff time permits.

Thank you,

Stuart Brown
Village Concepts CEO