Dear Friends and Families,

Despite many businesses in Washington State beginning to reopen, long term care facilities such as ours are still in phase 1 and we continue to follow guidelines from the Department of Health, including visitor restrictions.

Unfortunately, we are now seeing spikes in positive COVID cases in most counties in the state and we feel the urgency and importance of staying diligent in our efforts to keep this virus out of our buildings and prevent it from spreading.

As testing increases, results are showing that there are a higher number of positive asymptomatic COVID cases than expected. Without showing symptoms, there is a higher probability that people are spreading this virus unknowingly. While one person may be asymptomatic the next person can have devastating effects.

As we approach this holiday weekend, I implore you and your family to keep up the vigilant effort to keep COVID from spreading. While the general population may recover with mild symptoms or not even exhibit symptoms, this virus can have severe consequences for our seniors and this elevated risk is something we do not take lightly.

Our team is dedicated to keeping our residents safe, sound and healthy. We realize the extended visiting restrictions and precautions are difficult for everyone and we sincerely want to thank you for your continued support and understanding. We continue adhering to the guidelines set by the Department of Health and DSHS. We expect to see updates very soon with a phased approach to reopening long term care communities like ours.

Please reach out to your executive director if you have any concerns or questions.

Stuart Brown
Village Concepts CEO