Dear Friends and Families,

Yesterday Governor Inslee announced the phased reopening plan for Long Term Care (LTC) communities like ours. We’ve created a document to outline what the current guidelines will look like for each phase. Please contact your Executive Director if you have not received this document in your email. In the coming week we will be working closely with each community to implement procedures and policies that follow this new plan. The Governor’s plan is not effective until Wednesday, August 12th, so please be patient with us as we put the new guidelines in place.

LTC phases are different from the counties’ phased levels. While we cannot be in a higher phase than our counties’ current phase, we could be in a lower phase as the measures for LTC phases are based on the number of positive cases per 100,000 in the county.

Due to current county numbers most of our communities are in Phase 1. Your community will send a follow up email when they are able to move to Phase 2. Phase 1 allows for outside visitation, as we have currently been doing, along with window visits as available. General visits within the community are not permitted until Phase 3. Unfortunately, none of our communities currently qualify for Phase 3 because no county in which we operate is below 25 positive cases per 100,000. We, like everyone, will continue to watch the numbers and will be grateful when we can return to normal.

We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding as we navigate these next steps.

Thank you,
Stuart Brown
Village Concepts CEO