Financial Planning

Financial Planning

There are a variety of financial options available and a number of sources that offer more flexibility and access to the resources you need. Each option offers benefits and associated legal conditions.

Veteran’s Options

Veteran’s benefits.Government benefits offered to veterans often provide an additional source of funding for senior care. Veterans, their spouses, and dependents may be eligible to receive a pension or special care benefits. Eligibility requirements are related to past military service and the level of care required.

Village Concepts partners with Veteran’s Assistance Association (VAA), a service organized accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and dedicated to helping our deserving veterans. VAA helps families navigate through the full eligibility and application process.


Nikki Leith, (425) 670-1560
Tracie Wall, (425) 275-9555

Loan Options

The right loan at the right time.Savings and investments offer a pool of money that may also be generating income in the form of interest, capital gains or dividends. This money can be used to pay for senior living. Personal loans help fill a funding gap. Many of these options can be used as a line of credit that can be drawn upon to pay move-in deposits or monthly fees.

Village Concepts has partnered with ElderLife Financial Services to offer prospective and current residents and their families a loan to bridge the gap in funding senior living costs.


Farrell Didio, Director of Family Relations (888) 228-4500

Real Estate Options

Home sales. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by months of hard work, packing, deadlines, stressful unknowns, or costly updates.

SASH was designed to take the stress out of the home sale. It is a service exclusively for senior homeowners and their families. If you sell your home to us, you can rest assured knowing exactly what comes next. Since we are the buyer of your home, we can tailor the sale around your specific needs and plans.



(888) 400-SASH

Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance, life settlements. Long Term Insurance is a product that helps provide funds for long term care typically in environments not covered by other insurance. Premiums are typically based on the age of the insured.

Life Settlements are another way seniors can raise funds to pay for senior living. This option typically includes selling a life insurance policy.

Contact a Financial Planner for guidance.

Whatever level of care you are looking for, Village Concepts has a home for you. Explore your living options or give us a call to learn more: (888) 548-6609.