We have put together a list of commonly asked questions and answers related to the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak prevention. If you have specific questions that are not answered below, please click here to contact us directly.

Can I visit my loved one living at a Village Concepts community?

Effective March 17th, a proclamation from Governor Inslee has been issued to prohibit any person, including friends or family, to enter our facility to visit a resident. This prohibition excludes end of life situations.

We are adhering to the guidelines for long term care visitor restrictions as outlined by Washington State’s Department of Health. Since August we have received phased guidelines for our communities that allow for visitation as their individual county’s COVID cases are assessed. For more in-depth detail please contact your individual community to see what phase they are in and what is allowed in each phase.

Can a resident leave the building?

Technically yes. However, in light of the new proclamation we ask that a resident only leaves for the absolute necessary appointments. Any outing just for visiting is a risk to our entire community. Please reconsider leaving the community.

When will our residents and staff be expected to receive the vaccine to protect against COVID?

The Washington State Department of Health has released a priority distribution list for vaccinations that include long term care communities such as ours in the first group. We will notify residents and families as soon as a schedule has been confirmed.

What if I have something for my loved one at the community?

You can drop it off with a staff member and we will deliver it to the apartment.

Are residents able to leave their rooms?

Yes, unless they are showing any signs and symptoms then we must have them remain in their apartment. Otherwise residents are allowed to leave their room but asked to maintain social distancing of six feet from others. If we do have a positive test of COVID-19 in our building all residents will be asked to stay in their apartment as we work to contain it from spreading.

Are social activities still occurring?

Our activities programs have been suspended or canceled unless we can provide the social distancing necessary.

What are residents doing for fun?

We are working on providing puzzles to work on in their room, sudoku, crosswords, relearning an old skill or a new one, like knitting. Connecting to friends in the building via telephone vs a personal in room visit. We are working on helping stave off boredom and can always use suggestions.

If I provide an iPad or device can staff help my family member set it up?

We would be happy to try! Care and services take priority but when our staff have a few moments we will do our best to assist in setting up a device for your loved one.

Is the dining room still open?

We have stopped serving meals in our dining rooms as we could not provide the social distancing of six feet needed at this time. We are providing meals to residents in their apartments.

Are doctors and outside providers still allowed to visit?

Yes. They need to sign in and will be screened. We ask that outside providers visit only if it is essential as many providers also visit other buildings and can cause cross contamination.

Are staff being tested/screened?

Staff are being screened at the beginning of each shift and sent home if they have signs and symptoms of illness.

Are residents being regularly tested/screened?

Yes. We take each residents temperature and screen for signs and symptoms daily. Testing is available when necessary.

What happens if a resident has a temperature or signs or symptoms?

Any resident presenting symptoms are quarantined to their apartment and the physician is contacted to determine next steps. Staff use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to provide services to the resident when they come in and out of the apartment.

What sanitation measures are in place?

There are several protocols in place to help clean the building daily. High traffic/high touch areas such as elevators and front doors are cleaned more often to prevent contamination. We have asked and verified the solutions we are using will kill this virus. We are constantly evaluating our procedures and if you see an area of concern please let our management team know.

How is Village Concepts communicating with resident family members and designated contacts?

Updates are emailed and given directly to residents. If you are a family member and have not received our updates via email, please contact your community so we can add you to the list.

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